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Many youth and individuals with post secondary education certificates remain unemployed inspite of their qualifications and the huge job opportunity in industry. CisoNet is in a mission to mitigate this by linking industry to education (LiteMission) through vacancies for assignment to directors, managers, executives and associated officers


Learning and Stages of Decision Science

The transformation to employment started when one went to school, completed and issued with a certificate, diploma, degree or other qualifification confirming their learning ability and capacity to collect data, process the data information, manage the information into intelligence and deliberate on the intelligence to make considered decisions. This constitutes the process of decision science and is applicable to all displines.and leads to certification to the industry.

The New Journey To Employment.

It used to be after completing decision science education and certification, one was posted to a job in an enterprise throgh the placement office. In this age of the internet and the cloud,however, a new sector of enterprises has immerged and is involved in job  placement and skilling or skills training delaying the entry of learners to industry. This  is exacerbatee by the fact that even after this the now skilled individuals still have no jobs inspite of a huge job opportunity in the industry. CisoNet is in a mission to mitigate this and link industry to education (LiteMission) directly through onboarding to real a learn as you earn concept.
The Types of Avilable Employment

Employment entails a transaction between a person and an entity such an enterprise for work done. That means, therefore, the enterprise should have a tangible and cost estimated jobs that it assigns to the person or employee who applies and qualifies to perform or do it. The job is derived from. the vacancies available in the enterprise opportunities. The enterprise also keeps a record of skills that it needs for its opportunities. The enterprise can also provide skills training for those with post education certificates and also onboard or familiarise the prospective employees with the specific opportunities and vacancies at the enterprise. The employee therefore, besides the qualifications and associated placement education will still require job skilling and onboarding  familiarization induction to be productive, efficient and effective contributors to the vision and mission of the enterprise. This link between education and industry is offen overlooked and hence creating a disparity between employment and opportunities in the industry.  


Main Streaming Skilling for Purposes of Earning in the Cloud

Linking Industry to education, is achieved; in addition to placement and onboarding; through jobs skills training to compliment what they learned through decision science in school. This may consist of skills in communication, skills in writing especially in the use of artifical inteligence, skills in production and using analytical and other visualization tools, skills in production of media content and other related skills which are needed for keeping good records on production, capitalization and administration of an enterprise.

The Role of Onboarding in Closing the Unemployment Gap In the Industry.

The onboarding to an enterprise for example starts with familaiarization or induction training to discusses the opportinities and vacancies that are available to address the objectives of the enterprise. In the case of CisoNet for example, this shall address the need to establish CisoNodes at the community area, recruitment of associated affiliates for supply and delivery of goods and services to the last mile clients, ways and means of capitalization, creation and generation of the onboarding content and mobilization of associated audience. Onboarding is necessary to enable the identification of relevant jobs for assignment to the enterprise team.

The Importance of Enterprise Project Programming and Management.

Now that  the associate and affiliate have been brought onboad, they are in a position to recommend projects and tasks that can be assigned to the team of employees of the enterprise inline with  the opportunity programs emerging from the purpose for which the enterprise was formed. The associates may also create examples and prototypes that assist the employed team in appreciating the relevant enterprise vacancies and jobs.  

The Job Assignment and Management System

Those who JoinUs either as specifiers or executors of the enterprise opportunites, programs, projects, tasks or transactions will be assigned specific vacancies and jobs  to address the CisoNet mission of  creating wealth while conserving the environment and impacting the well being of society with immerging innovations including artificial intelligence. In a nutshell, when you join us you will find an opportunity that befits you.

Some of the Opportunities In the Industr.

In addition to the mainstreamed skilling and placement entrepreneual opportunities, The need for creating learning and educational content specif to the curricullum is huge potential besides applications solutions and platform operations. CisoNet however believes that there aneed to go beyond placement and skilling to address the chronic unemployment in the midst of opportunity.





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