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Recruitment, Onboarding, Empowerment & Employment.

CisoNet brings onboard innovative and creative consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs and executives to assist in creation of employment through its platform for creating an effective clients artificial intelligent node for managing their enterprise information solutions. This involves a transformative thinking on the part of those who want to join the team and also requires continuous and constant interactive participation in meetings and empowerment events with a view to aligning the team into a cohesive objective. In this respect, CisoNet is urgently looking for executive officers to help in guiding the future of the platform by identifying and overseeing programs that meet the demands in the evolving market trends, industry and technology..

Participate from your own comfort


Onboarding Partners and Affiliates

CisoNet through its CisoNodes enters into partnership with centres of excellence, incubations and research institutions as well as youth empowerment hubs and mentorship boot camps and also TVET colleges to provide information and appreciate the mission of linking industry to education and expose the huge potential of employment opportunity in the industry and show how leaners can apply what they have achieved so far to contribute to the industry and how they will continue to learn as they earn. The approach is to minimize the dependence on perpetual training and to encourage innovation as the best means of learning especially in this age of artificial intelligence where prompting is adding tremendous value to learning and productivity. The role of CisoNet is to point out the direction and provide learning as you earn programmes as an example on how enterprises and other organization can create valuable AI Nodes for the benefits of its stakeholders and seamlessly transition to industry

Registration and Joining

In addition to the recruitment, of executive officers, who will drive the growth of the partnership operations and identification of opportunities, CisoNet in partnership with the directors of the CisoNodes will lead the onboarding, recruitment and empowerment of those who will be joining the partnership to support the clients in data collection, information processing, intelligence analysis and in making informed and considered decisions which are beneficial not only to their enterprises but to the the stakeholders and return on investment. The onboarding will focus on the real situation for managing the information and communication needs  of enterprises using an esteemed partnership technology, marketing, supply and training experienced companies to ensure a seamless  interpretation, integration, provision and facilitation of effective and impactable solutions. In order to benefit from this partnership, please register and join by filling and the form and 





Enterprise Platform


Splunk Partnerverse Program

CisoNodes at the heart of the Community

At the end of the day, the clients who need to establish their Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Nodes are located within regions in the community. In order to effectively reach them, there is a need to establish CisoNodes for close interaction and effective support and backup in not only training but also operations for the provision of systems and services.  CisoNet is urgently looking for entrepreneurship oriented partners to accelerate the transformation and automation of management of solution records in line with immerging artificial intelligence and other technologies including blockchain and crypto currency in industry and market. The entrepreneurs stand to gain and benefit from a global outlook and associated products and services

Reaching and participant recruitment

The growth in information technology has put a smart device in the hands of the many who are looking for employment opportunity. The recruitment leverages this situation to reach them through e-mail, blog, social media sites and advertising in addition to the word of mouth and visiting the customer for face to face discussion remains significant marketing.  

Innovation & Wealth Creation Node

The concept and mission of linking industry to education introduces a new way of thinking and unlike building of skills and capacity it involves onboarding individuals who have acquired post secondary qualifications into the CisoNet platform of creating employment. It proposes the creation of a solution oriented platform which provides an environment on which individuals can relate their backgrounds and experience to real situations in a drive to access gainful employment in a market full of opportunities yet dogged by underemployment and unemployment despite their colourful qualifications from the institutions of higher learning. CisoNet through its own requirement and those of its partners to bring onboard a mind shift in the way we of jobs.   


Wealth Creation though the Mission of Linking Industry To Education.

The mission of linking industry to education unlike building of skills and capacity involves onboarding individuals who have acquired post secondary qualifications. It involves the creation of a solution oriented platform which provides a real environment on which the individuals can relate their backgrounds and experience to situations of gainful and sustainable perpetual employment opportunities. It differs in other methodologies of training and education in that it puts a bigger burden of responsibility to the participants in the formulation and profiling of solutions in the expectation that they will create employment from the available opportunities only guided by their desire to be innovative within the platform framework. It is because of this strategy that CisoNet was formed with a goal to recruit the right human resource to address the emerging need for community centered datacenters in light of growing artificial intelligence technology. It is in this respect that we are saying; come and join us as we onboard, conceptualize solutions, provide profiles of employment opportunities to accelerate the conversion of education into gainful employment and work together to continue learning as we earn which is the true hallmark of economic planning and ensuring that the resources used in educating the youth do not go to waste through underemployment and unemployment.


Node Innovation Content
Employment Opportunity Profiles
Profile Solution Proposal
Proposal Solution Record

Creating an Artificial Intelligence Node as point of focus for an enterprise records solution.

Learn and understand the partnership AI node business, systems processes and services and your role in formulation and execution of the accompanying projects and task solutions. Identify and keep a record of the associated Opportunity Profile for innovation and creation of wealth within CisoNet and its collaborating Clients and Partnerships.

We want you to become a resource person and utilize what you have already accomplished so far to earn as you continue learning. It is expected that you be a leader and assist in the transformation and transition into industry through the said mission of linking industry to education. Earn by producing informative interpretation articles on innovation and wealth creation and also on industrial review, capitalization, solution processes and decision support science and many more. If CisoNet can succeed in getting you to realize your potential and utilize what you have learn to date as you continue to learn and utilze the emerging technologies and processes, it will have achieved a bit of its goals, vision and objectives. If CisoNet can succeed in making you realize that you cannot be trained forever and there comes a time when you must become a contributor to the industry then it will have achieved a bit of mission of wealth creation.  

Solution Provision Model.

Many of us sit back and wait for others to create and provide employment. We continue to wait to be nurtured into entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants which were done through out the education, training, skilling and placement mentorship before joining the industry. In onboarding, we work as a team, we expect you to infuse not only what you already have but also your innovation and executive critical thinking into formulating solutions on the provided platform framework. The role of CisoNet is to onboard you into the platform and allow you to produce employment opportunity profiles, proposals for profile solutions, industry and technology interpretation information and intelligence for use in producing integration application, provision and implementation of the associated systems and facilitation of infrastructure and services to realise the needs in the industry.


Consultancy Opportunities

Understand the operations of an enterprise entity the roles of production, record keeping, capitalization and regulations and also the examine the structure of human stakeholder starting with ownership, ownership representation, executive officers and project operations to mitigate lability and maximize profitability. We'll ensure those who join us unerstnd the operations of an enterprise so that they can provide effective service to the enterprises where they are posted.

Executive Decision Consultancy Opportunity

The basic unit of the industry besides the consumer is the enterprise. Understanding how an enterprise operates from policy through strategy, programs, projects and tasks is critical for ensuring efficient service delivery as well as profitability.

Program Directors

Those who are joining the industry from the education and academic world need thoroughly understand the enterprise or any other entity  operates to maximize the application of resources and to provide valuable advisory and consultancy

Project Managers

services to the stakeholders. CisoNet and its collaborating partners shall not only bring to speed those

Task Executives

who join but continue to build capacity to ensure that

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Node

The client inform of government, community, institution and both not for profit and for profit enterprises all aspire to keep a concise record of their business operation, services that they offer to their, customers, products and production processes and systems and regulations and standards for public and private consumptions  In achieving this, the enterprise needs to undertake data collection, information processing and intelligence analysis to make considered decisions.


Recruitment of Enterprising Human Resource

& We shall work with you to support the client, in the collection, processing and analysis of data, information and intelligence to make considered decisions.
We shall provide the appropriate guidance in facilitating, connectivity, computing and storage and in providing the integration software so that the client can remain engaged in what matters to them which the operations of their business

The Client Artificial Intelligence Node (CAIN)

The enterprise records have in the past been made available through point to point printed material, then through universal resource locators followed by optimised search engines and now imposed by the quality of artificial intelligence.  The enterprise nodes are the repository of all enterprise innovation content, profile of employment opportunities, proposal for solutions to the opportunity profiles and most importantly, the record of the solution to the opportunities. In order to achieve this, the enterprise as a client must enter into partnership with decision support service providers, suppliers of systems and facilities for storage of the records and operators who connect the clients to their data centers. That way the enterprise can go to rest knowing that its enterprise records are securely kept in a node that has been produced through the immerging artificial intelligence (AI) technology.      

Partnership As the basis of Solution

When you join us, you are joining a complete team with a 360 degrees appreciation and understanding of the needed solutions in the industry. We collaborate to bring onboard a competent consulting ensure that Starting with the needs of our customers, in collaboration with manufacturers determine the the technology to address needs and provided support to supply a solution that grows the enterprise while continuing to improve not only skills but also capacity to your consultancy prowess as you support the enterprises.

Data Collection and Edge hub technology

When you join us, you are joining a complete team with a 360 degrees understanding of the solutions in the industry. Starting with appreciate and understanding the needs of our customers, in collaboration with manufacturers determine the the technology to address needs and provided support to supply a solution that grows the enterprise while continuing to improve not only skills but also capacity to your consultancy prowess as you support the enterprises.

Consultants & Huma Resource Opportunity

Just imagine all the business enterprises, institutions, Communities and government that are dire and affordable need for the management of its business and services on security etc

Overview : Decision Support Science and Learning For a Purpose

EAs has been observed, data science, information processing and analytics are crucial part in making CISION SUPPORT SCIENCE


In partnership with centres of excellence, incubations and research institutions as well as youth empowerment and mentorship hubs and also TVET colleges, CisoNet will provide a learning as you earn programmes focused on its AINode real solutions as a way of providing seamless transitions to industry

In a nutshell partnership assists the clients in this case government, non governmental organizations, publics and private institutions and also for profit organizations in their endeavors to make not only impactful decisions but also to provide effective services while making profits. This starts with entering and acquiring the fields which the custodians of facts and data about the operations of the enterprises. This is achieved through a collaborative effort for which you stand to identify a fulfilling opportunity. 

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