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The Enterprise project TASK  tare alighed to the enterprise strategic systems of the enterprise. The TEAM amember who have been ASSIGNED these tasks are veted members consisting of persons endowed with wise leadership, executive thinking, risk mitigation management and most importantly analytical technologists and producers whose tasks are relevant to LITEMISSION purpose and focussed on the priorized projects that address the the need to finding employment opportunity for post secondary education qualifications.  These task oriented assignment are aimmed at maximizing productivity while enhnacimg the team member skills

assigned Tasks that are related to the projects and purpose of CisoNet and IdeaTeam or is the CisoNet Team Management application for assigning work to the team including the Board, Management, executive and technicians.  others are Togle  and prices

CisoNet Cloud Solution is supported by a team of skilled and innovative associates working in a project management oriented environment and drawn from practically all displines. The team associates recieves assignments on a project or a task listed in the opportunity portfolio and are empowered in both  knowledge and capital to enable them seamless delivery of the solution. The team them is innovation first, indepent contracting, freelancing and employment opportunity. This is inline with the the jobs and employment being created by immerging cloud solution.  
The opportunity for the team associates include recruitment of enterprises and their affiliates for inclusion in the CisoNet Cloud Solution, recruitment of affiliates to provide induction training and familiarization to the CisoNet Cloud Solution. In addition the associates provide the enterprise support in transforming the information and communication system to the cloud. The team associates therefore are involved in analysis and design, specification and standrdization and also in implementation and deployment of the solution applications. The associates are most importantly, though, involved in utilizing those solution applications to support operation & maintenance of an enterprise.
This means, therefore, our team of associates comprising individuals with all forms of certificates whether in arts, adminstation and social sciences, business and management and also in physical science and engineering. Those innovative associates are always finding an opportunity in health, education, infrastructure and in adminitration solutions. The opportunities are in interpretation and modelling of a system, using software tools to integrate the enterprise needs to the system, selecting the appropriate cloud platform on which to deploy the solution or in installing the network systems for connectivity.
As we say, there is always something for any innovative individual who is focussed on contributing while earning a gainful return. What is even most inviting is the fact that there is plenty of capacity building and training opportunities within CCS for you to miss something to to do. Please see the opportunities that are specically associated with CisoNet in establishing CisoNodes at the heart of the community and also in providing Induction Training for orientation to industry and a better familarization with CisoNet Cloud Solution. 
Join the CisoNet Team Today as an Earning Contributor!  

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