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Enterprise Admin Partnership


An Examination of The Effectiveness of The Enterprise Organizational Structure

An entreprenuer  is involved in any enterprise entity covering all way from freelancing including hawking, peasantry and subsistence to traders who operate kiosks, shops and commerce outlets for customers. The next layer of an enterprise maybe a business operation run by at least two partners complimenting each in for example logistics, outlet operations an perhaps marketing. The enterprise itself is a complex entity that espouses the fundumentals of an organization with a board, corporation  secretary, projects programmer, a managing director, heads of departments and data processing executives who are supported by oprations officers.

Genesis of an Enterprise and introduction Money and Administration Roles.

It is to be observed that, the minimum number of induividuals to run or operate a business constist of those involved in production and those who keep records. This is the genisis of a business enterprise which required the partnership of two unique individuals one with a gift of a physical skills to produce items and another with the talent of keeping record of all items for use in improving and increasing yield. Obviosly each of these human beings argued as to who contributed most to the final product, one invoking sweat the other stress, which threatened the sustainability of the partnership. This is how then the other two persons were includes in the business partnership to form an enterprise. These two were  those who introduced the concepts of money or capitalization and the introduced order or administration. These four areas, then, are the basic ingridients of an enterprise.

The Critical Parameters of an Enterprise That Need Monitoring to Ensure  Sustainability.

The success of an enterprise incudes a rview of its performance, appreciation of its development and strategic plan, the quality of its systems and oprations report and its finacial statement. The understanding and measurement of these parameters is paramount for sustnability and impact of the enterprsie

Enterprise Role Structure the Concept of Decision Science

The  intrinsic roles in an enterprise borrow from the concept of decision science in which we observe a group of those officers who are involved in operations of unbiased data collection, then those executives who process the data into accurate information followed by managers of the information to produce intelligence that mitigates risks and finally the deliberations of directors based on the intellgence to make informed, prudent and fiduciary wise decisions. The concept of decision science applies to any system or entity regardless of size. Each stage has specialised tools to assist procuction of the relevant and necessary content. 

The Decision Making Process Structure In an Enterprise

The enterprise for purposes of productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability maybe organized into four layers of equal importance. The board, the managent, the executive and operations. The concept of decision science is applied in each of these layers because data must be collected data must be processed, information must be managed and informed or wise decisions must be made. Sometimes, information of one layer can become the data source for another layer.

Designations in an Enterprise Structure

The enterprise has an oversight board, a chief executive officer, a managing director with a company secretary and projects programmer in attendance. The board represents the interests of the enterpse stakeholders while the chief executive officers  ensures profitability and effective performance of the enterprise. The managing direcor is the principle advisor on the daiy today performance of the enterprise and is supported by a team of executive managers  who  fully conversant with the mission, vision, values and purpose for which the enterprise was formed. The chief executive officer must appreciate the role played  by the executive and officers of the enterprise to succeed.

Administration Employment Opportunities for Our Partnership The Industry.

The industry has a diverse set of enterprises inform of institutions, associations, societies, organizations and bodies that need the support of the recruited associates and employees. For example, the industry needs publishers of learning material, producers of promotional material, docuentation of production processes and instructions in the industry and also journalist to provide reporting services  in the industry. These opportunities need to be filled by those who have post secondary education among others. The issue of unemployment should not trully exist in this enviroment where so much work is required.

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