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The Community Information Service Outlet Network Hubs
The purpose for which the community information service outlet (CisoNet) was created is create employment opportunities for those who have attained a post secondary certificate and are looking for employment opportunity as learning and information content creators, are passionate about fund raising and mobilization to support industry development, are committed to  continued human resource development through onboarding and capacity building instructions, have interest product sourcing and distribution last mile customers also called shopdropping and would like to be involved in bradding and advertising also called digital marketing and monetization. CisoNet is creating a network of entrepreneurs, freelancers and associates to provide end to end information and communication service to the industry while creating gainful jobs and employment vacancy opportunities in the drive to create wealth while conserving the environment CisoNet is going beyond the standard cycle of education by bring onboarding as a crucial knowledge acquisition strategy which comprises academic certification, placement mentoring and skills development competencies,


Mainstream Skilling and Earn

In addition to placement and onboarding, Linking Industry to education, is being achieved; through skills training to compliment what was learned in school. This may consist of skills in communication, skills in writing especially in the use of artifical inteligence, skills in production and use of analytical and visualization tools and skills in production of media content. Skills training is now mainstreamed for purposes of monitization and mobilization of enterprise capital. This sector is not only ripe with gainful employment opportunities but it is also being used to accumulate capital and it is within the reach of those with post secondary education certificates.

Genesis of Employment Opportunity
In the old days, the youth eased into  community work in society upon maturity and training or education for that matter. Those were the communal times when individuals contributed selflessly and consumed sparingly and prudently without restrictions and communal property ownership rights superseded individual rights. The terms employment, employer, employee, job and vacancy began to sprout when society started to organize into industry enterprises driven by the concept of money and capital as well as writing and record keeping which seemed as the best measure of engaging in exploitation of natural resources to create wealth (welfare & health) while conserving the environment. These are, now,  the entrepreneurial times where the educated youth are expected to ease unto employment opportunity as their individual property ownership rights override those of the  community.

Education & Basis of Decision Theory
Our basis for decision theory like in all concepts is seen in "The Four Shades of Thought (T$TH)" lense. Thus all learning including humanities, science, philosophy and mathemantics have a common denominator which  requires that before a decision is reached, data must be collected, then processed into information from which the information is managed into intelligence on which deliberations are undertaken to make prudent, considered, informed and wise decisions.

This ,then, implies that the transformation or transistion
from education to industry should be seamless if this principle is kept in mind irrespective of the decipline or area of study. As in data science, and information science, decision theory is a discussion on the complete cycle of project management which forms and plays a huge role in linking the youth to the opportunities in industry.

It is our opinion that the individual who has a post secondary certificate has been expossed to the process and decision theory an is ready for the opportunity in industry with  a bit of onboarding to the  specific purpose and structure of an enterprise.

Addressing the Situation on the Ground
Employment entails a transaction between a person and another entity for work done. That means, therefore, an enterprise should have tangible and a cost budged tasks for assignment to a person or employee who applies, qualifies and has skills to perform or do it. The call for jobs and employment vacancies is aimed at those who will transform the opportunities into assignment and employment tasks which only require onboarding for productivity. 

Many youth and individuals with post secondary education certificates remain unemployed inspite of their exemplary qualifications and the huge job employment opportunity in industry. The Community Information Service Outlet Network (CisoNet) is in a mission to mitigate this by Linking Industry To Education (LiteM
ission) and by providing job and vacancy tasks for assignment to directors, managers, executives and associated officers

Onboarding To Close  Unemployment Gap 
Onboarding, when effectively implemented, can indeed play a crucial role in closing the unemployment gap in various industries. The unemployment gap often stems from a mismatch between the skills job seekers possess and the skills required by available job positions. Onboarding, in this context, refers to the process of integrating new employees into an organization and providing them with the necessary training and support to succeed in their roles.

The onboarding to CisoNet for example starts with familiarization and discussions on the relevant opportunities and vacancies that are available to address its objectives in this case, the need to establish CisoNodes at the community area, recruitment of associated affiliates for supply and delivery of goods and services to the last mile clients, ways and means of capitalization, creation and generation of onboarding content and mobilization of associated audience, 

Portfolio of Enterprise Tasks
The Enterprise Portfolio Adnistration System (EPASystem) is perhaps the most importance application for an enterprise. It plays a major role in controlling, minimizing risks and increasing enterprise. sustainability. This application is being offered as a source sytem development opportunity andexperience and and also a training prototype.

CisoNet believes that learning for a purpose, learning by doing and learning from examples is the best way to link education to industry and as such this prototype solutions will instill displine in managing programs,  projects, task and transaction of an enterprise.

This way, CisoNet is living up to  its promise of onboarding for a purpose. The lessons learned here are to be applied in providing solutions in industry including curricullum publishing, content creation and information management.

Benefits of Joining CisoNet Partnership
Those who JoinUs either as specifiers or executors in the mission to link industry to education  LiteBulletin will benefit by earning as they learn and participating in the recruitment of Cisonode managers, Instruction resource persons, last mile suppliers access devices, equipment and related customer service operations.

They will also be involved in content creation for the LiteBulletin articles, onboarding, skills and awareness learning material, and documentation of production and manargement processes and operations.

Other  benefits will include contribution to systems and applications development  as well as sourcing management of delivery logistics

Last but not least, those who join will enjoy the opportunity to be involved in enterprise capitalization by mobilizing funding from both public and private sector, earning from startup venture investments and revenues from sales and advertising. These are opportunities where if well earnest will provide the requisite employment opportunities.





Team Total

Team Total

Team Total

Linking Industry To Education
It used to be, after completing school and decision theory educational certification, one was posted to a job in an enterprise through the placement office. In this age of the internet and cloud computing, however, new enterprises are springing up and are involved in job placement and skilling or skills training delaying the entry of learners to industry. This  is exacerbated by the fact that; even after this; the now skilled individuals still have no jobs in spite of a huge opportunity in the industry. CisoNet in its mission to mitigate this and link industry to education (LiteMission) is directly providing onboarding and familiarization training to those with post secondary education certificates on real enterprises in a learn as you earn concept and as a way of exposing them to the said jobs and opportunities. Thus the new journey to employment now constitutes decision science education, mentorship and career placement, skills training and the strongly recommended onboarding which is not only specific to an enterprise but one will earn and learn.

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