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The opportunities and VACANCIES available to associates at CisoNet are meant to ensure that you get employment upon attaining yourt post secondary cerification

When you identify the vacancy that best suits your background and skills you will APPLY by submilting your credetials and experience as well as a commentary supporting the relevance to the applied positions.

CisoNet will carry out an evaluation to determine your suitability and where necessary provide guidance and advisory for your best fit as it obsorbs you as TEAM member. 
As an esteemed team member of CisoNet you will provide and support its ADMINITRATION  and SERVICE needs and also those its affiliates and partnerships.


The opportunities at CisoNet involve Systems Development, Production, Implementation and Operation. This therefore means that all disciplies have been accomodated from research, standardization, Supply and maintenance. We want you to join us so that we transform the information and communication sector together as a solution focused team.    CisoNet will continue to provide you with capacity building events as a way of empowering you to address the gaps that exists between education and industry.

It is our view that these gaps are best delt with where one is focused on providing a solution to a specific perpose and in relating the common enterprise systems and services to the purpose. In respect therefore, CisoNet is among others developing application systems for admistration and management of the transactions, activities, projects and programs of an enterprise systems such enterprise vacancy, applicationies, in such a way  those associates who will be supporting other CisoNet affiliates and partners with their enterprise information and communication needs using also onboard The board may have two layers the top that oversights by creating regulations and the executive which develops strtegies and policies which inform regulations
The secretariate or management is invloved in the day to day operations of the enterprise and provides recommendations that are well researched, analysed, stnadrdised and present the lest risk while maximizing on performance.
The Chairman of the board is the link to the members of the executive board headed by a chief executive director.
The managing director is member of the executive board and is supported by executive management members who are involved in keeping records of meetings and those providing a record of projects program
The uniqueness of the enterprise is derived from it purpose bus common resource services have which require executive managers have been identified and standardised for an enterprise such sustomer services which incllude care and coomunication, human resource which include onbording, team and welfare administration
The unique purpose for CisoNet is to support other enterprises with information and communication needs including management and trasformation to cloud computing.
In this respect therefore we have employment, Job and vacancy opportunities for freelancing, consultancy, outsourcing, piece meal based on deliverable contract and direct contracts based on performance. We are providing onboarding programs to ensure that you not only apply your backgrond but you do this together with developing your career and effectively contributing to society and humanity and nature through helping in providing the information recording and management system fortheir solutions.





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