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Current Employment Opportunity Posting

Employer : CisoNet

Title : Enterprise Executive Officer(s)  (EEO)

Role & Responsibility: Produce Profiles & Specifications of Enterprise Jobs & Employment Opportunity
An enterprise requires executive officers to produce profiles and specifications for employment opportunity programmes which reflect its mission and vision. The executive officers usually are responsible for strategy and policy of the enterprise as approve by the enterprise board which represents the shareholder investment.
CisoNet Limited
CisoNet is in a mission of linking industry to education (LITEMISSION) which aims to help those with post secondary education qualifications find employment. The industry enterprises desire to create Client Artificial Intelligent Nodes (CAIN) to increase exposure and visibility to their customers and stakeholders. This creates a huge job and employment opportunity for unemployed or underemployed in the midst of huge need and demand for human resource in the evolving information and communication sector. CisoNet works in partnership with manufacturers, suppliers and indeed affiliates to support the client with facility and hardware systems, environmental management software, applications customization platforms and content generation packages. As a member of our team, tho who join will get gratification producing employment opportunity profiles that provide gaiful employment through this partnership.
Qualification & Experience
The enterprise executive officers are senior members of the enterprise and require requisite post secondary education certification in a business management discipline and also in information, communications technology and enterprise strategy. It is preferred that those who join us at CisoNet be experienced and having served at high enterprise positions; However those who are desirous of challenging opportunities are also welcome as they will be properly onboarded to the vision and mission of CisoNet to enable them confidently produce its befitting employment opportunity profiles. Overall, it is expected that the applicant possess at a minimum diploma degree from a recognised institution of higher learning.
Industry Challenges
The clients, customers and industry that the CisoNet partnership proposes to serve needs extensive and intensive awarements and training on the benefits of the evolving business and service solution for record keeping and decision support services. The challenges of public investment in this area inlight of competing needs provides a unique experience to the partnership. In this respect therefore all of who have the requisite educational and qualifications background are required to be abit innovativer to address the situation

Terms and Contract Conditions

The Jobs & Employment Opportunity Profiling Executive are independent and unsupervised individuals who work as consultants and freelancers and work on as assignments. The profiling of an acceptable employment opportunity that address the mission and vision of linking industry to education and supporting clients create effective artificial intelligent nodes will earn a minimum of U$ 40 for the profile. One can produce as many profiles as possible to maximize their income.


We hope you will Join Us and Explore the CisoNet vision and mission of Linking Industry To education and how you can contribute to society by assisting enterprises transform to the emerging technologies for keeping artificial intelligent, financing, regulation and production. Please send to us an email or CV briefly telling us about your background an how you propose to tackle this assignment to .




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