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Metuma CBO

This period we are featuring our collaboration and partnership with the Metuma Community Base Organization (CBO).
Metuma CBO is group of 20 related members in the community. They group together every month to contribue Ksh. 500 each as required in their constitution. Their accumulated balance can be loaned to a member at low interest rate, they can also utilize their contribution to secure items supplied to them as a group among other regulating rules in their constitution
Inspite of their relations, there is always murmuring that the officals are favouring some of the members over others which is in itself frustrating to the officials. Members want to know their balance at an instant always.
They have approached CisoNet to assist, through their Cloud Solution platform, alleviate the mistrust which may lead to a breakup thereby losing the time they have invested together.
CisoNet in partnership with QuadFund will deploy the GateFund application that will give each member access to thie account any time, anywhere and with any device. Infact those withougt smart phones can go to the nearest CisoNode or Cyber Cafe toaccess their account. Infact, the officials are discussing a laptop from TechNode who is an affiliate of CisoNet for use capturing their records including record on their projects.

Visit : MetumaCBO

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