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CisoNet in Mobilizes funding through earning, capital equity investors and exchange trading and also credit from suppliers who include proprty owners to enhance security and mitigate risks to equity providers. It also provides further onboarding and capacity building information through its CAPITALIZATION BULLETIN to the associates 

The associates who team up with CisoNet through CisoFund will realize their carrier dreams and expectations because they will be involved in venture capital funding and stock exchange funding in addition to QuadX crypto currenct and gaming investment. They will mobilze funding through saccos, cbo, cso and other ngo organizations.

They will also be involved in sourcing of goods from allover and arrange credit to ensure service affordability and sustainability.

Mobilizes funding to support its affiliates, associates and partners involved in the mission of linking industry to education. The funding is sourced internationally including  the diaspora and bilateral and multilateral institutions and the private sector including venture capital and private equity. It also mobilizes funds from the national and county government development fund especially funding for entreprenuership and youth funding programs, it also encourages community based organizations to invest in the CisoNodes within their community as they can oversight and monitor progress and performance. The diaspora and investors including angel, equity, venture and other capital bases will find an asset backed lucrative opportunities to the CisoNodes. In this respect, therefore, the onboaded and recruited asssociates will develop, operate and maintain the QuadX. which will be used to facilitate the ensuing transcations. 

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