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Now that you have become undergone onboarding and appreciate the CisoNet Mission of Linking Industry To Education complementing tour educational background, We invite you as our affiliate project conceptualization and formulation partner to propose and profile a project that is relevant to the desired solution to our mission as explained during onboarding.

The proposed project shall be complete with its associated tasks and ready for assignment to project managers and related task executives to provide the desired solution. You will have the first preference to oversight and direct its implementation and subsequent operations and maintenance

Project conceptualization and formulation is a high level position and requires not only good educational background but also creativity and innovation to address an enterprise mission in line with orientation and onboarding to its objectives, purpose, goals scope.

As an affiliate partner, you shall continue to participate in the onboarding activities and events for free until you feel comfortable in the conceptualization; formulation and direction of the project implementation management.       and hopely manage it It is our hope you are ready to formulate a project a member, you will be assigned tasks and issues to address the portfolio  of projects and support its executive policies, director strategies and management operations to mat
ch your education, background and industry experience. All in all your tasks are geared at assisting the industry with their needs of keeping accurate records on the industry enterprises in light of the evolving era of artificial intelligence.  

The task executives will provide solution in line with the following samples results and remuneration will depend on the assignment complexity and amount of time spend on it..

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