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The Four Stages of Decision Science needed  by an entity to reach an informed decision.
Enterprices and other entities are formed to provide and deliver sustainable and impactable services to their clients, customers, subscribers, consumer and other stakeholders. Decision science as in other areas of fundamental undestanding, including philosophy, matematics and humanities, postulates a process contituting four stages of basic concerns in solution . These are data collection, information processing, intelligence management and direction  deliberations  to reach or make informed and wise decisions for closed entity solution. 
Data Collection
Data collection involves the recognition of events and other phenomenon that triggered by activities or actions in the enterprise.
Infomation Processing
The collected data s processed nto nformaton usng formulae, alogorithms structures and other data science analysis tools that have evolved into application to assist in development design, production and supply of their services
Intelligence Management
The  information that is produced by processing the data is now manageged and organized into into intellience through programs of a strategic plan and projects of  theprgrams tasks of the project of the program and then transactions whch are done on the task of the project.
Wisdom Deliberations
The intelligence that s acquired from the information is now to be wisely utilized for reach a well considered and prudent decision that s beneficial to the enterprise and the ndustry at large.

Source of Decision Data


Enterprise and other entities   CioNet Affiliates are the CisoNode outlets where the Enterprise cloud Managers  to support  the following Opportunities

  • Associate Onboarding : Training & Recruitment 


State of Data Source


ommercial Store : Electrical & Information &


State Detecton Methods

Data Communication


Decision Documentation Content

Decision Purpose



Decision Purpose Applcaton


Decision science process

s applcable to any enterprse n ts producton recording fanancial and regulatory environment at taught in the education system.  Documentation ystem, products & accessories


Onboarding Events

  • Outlet Facility

  • Resource Person

  • Event Organizer

  • Content Creator

Product Sate

  • Funding

  • Advertising

  • Warehouse

  • Outlet


  • S

  • Build & Maintain Site

  • Customer Service

  • Visibility Operations

  • Application Development

  • Operation Coordination

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