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Onboarding Events

  • Outlet Facility

  • Resource Person

  • Event Organizer

  • Content Creator

Product Sate

  • Funding

  • Advertising

  • Warehouse

  • Outlet


  • S

  • Build & Maintain Site

  • Customer Service

  • Visibility Operations

  • Application Development

  • Operation Coordination

CisoNet Affiliates are the CisoNode outlets where the Enterprise cloud Managers  to support  the following Opportunities

  • Associate Onboarding : Training & Recruitment 

  • Commercial Store : Electrical & Information & Communication System, products & accessories

  • Financial Agency : Funding, Banking, Insurance   

  • Investment Managers 


The role of CisoNet is to assist in the transition to industry. In doing this it partners with the career & placement office of educational institutions, through its Community Information Service Outlets Nodes (CisoNodes), to provide an induction training that relates the academic certificates to the reality on the ground and also familiarization to the concept of CisoNet Cloud Solution with a view to recruiting them as associates of the partnership enterprises. The assignment available for the associates include :- 

Content : Contribution to enhancement of the induction training material.


Recruitment : Establish partnership Enterprise in health, infrastructure, education, order and information as a way of creating job and employment opportunity.

Facilitation : Facilitate training as resource persons and mentor to those qualifying as associate partners.


Empowerment : Mobilize empowerment resources such as capital, laptops and router in partnership with QuadGate to facilitate and accelerate the transition of qualified assiciates to industry.

Posting : Join existing CisoNodes or collaborate with other CisoNet partners to establish new outlets

Support : Provide technical support and service backup the CisoNodes as they support the enterprises with their community area

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