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                        FINANCING & FUNDINGTEAM :


We shall partner with qualified individual who will provide their skill and effort and time to create the cloud solution. CisoNet will provide the tools and financing to empower the TEAM members

SUBSCRIPTION : CisoNet is providing on online course called Skills for Enterprise Cloud Solution to onboard the Enterprise Cloud Solution Managers who will in turn assist in Linking  Industry To Educate (LITE) in partnership with the career, attachment or placement offices of post secondary education colleges and institutes.


  • Crowd : We are encouraging indiduals to invest into this Cloud Solution Concept to be part of the immerging W3 information and communication network based on block chain technology.

  • Group  : Provide investment opportunity for organizations including saccos and cbos

  • Private Equity : CisoNet posing a solution to the unemployment for so many qualified individual inspite of huge opportunity and need in the industry.

  • Public Funds: We shall collaborate with foundations and other social responsibility funds from corporation to support onboarding and empowerment of the ECS Managers.

  • Government Funds : The government is supporting intiatives that are supporting linking of industry to education and we are mibilizing this funding for the ECS partnership.

SUPPORT : CisoNet shall continue to provide technical support to its CisoNodes to ensure a smooth implementation and operation of the ECS services.


CisoNet is proposing a solution to the unemployment for so many qualified individual inspite of huge opportunity and need in the industry. The solution is concieved to ensure that the individuals continue to learn for a purpose, by doing, from an example and as they earn. This is requiring a paradigm shift from the academic goals for learning with an intensity to qualify

The solution provides immediate direct, contract, freelance and entreprenuership employment to those who willing to embrace and commit themselves to the concept of material, skill, time and effort financing resources to transform the industry and address the economy needs in health, education, infrastructure and security.

In this model, which brings together an integration through the digital ledger space for entreprenuers to collaboarate and affiliate with associate in the emerging cloud based information and communication system and by passing the centralised control of individual effort to a distributed self driven contribution to humanity through a decentralised trust of one another.

In this model, CisoNet shall on board and provide you our CisoNode assocaiates with opportunities and empower you with the requisite skills, tools, material, processes and organizational structures to complement and compasate the effort and effort you apply for your benefits and that of the group in general.  

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