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Enterprise Vacancy Administration System
(EVA System)

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Employment Vacancy at CisoNet

Vacancy Title : Opportunity Familiarization Provider Resource Person

Rank : Management Executive/Familiarization Training

Department : Executive Manager/Onboarding Services

Description : 

Associate familiarization and recruitment Induction Training Resource Persons. This an opportunity for resource persons who provide capacity building, mentorship and empowerment services particularly for youth in the industry. The resource person may work as a freelancer or as a lecturer or trainer in a college. They can also be career mentorship officers at non governmental organizations and associate empowerment programs. This opportunity requires an innovative individual with a teaching delivery acumen. This is an opportunity that can compliment the following suitable affiliates

Responsibility :

  1. Identify trainee(s) or learner(s)

  2. Take them through the CisoNet Site

  3. Discuss the Gap Between Industry & Education

  4. Discuss the Role of CisoNet in addressing the Gap

  5. Explain Onboarding Topics for an Information & Communication System

  6. Discuss the opportunities available to the participants at CisoNet

  7. Assist in Matching Participant Background and experience to the opportunity

  8. Assist the participants in registering as associates and members

  9. Assist in recruiting & connecting participants to the Human Resource unit



  1. Fees from learner to Resource Person/Trainer

  2. Charges for Internet Access & Connectivity Service

  3. Organized Webinar Event Charges

  4. Sale of Devices to participants

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