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In addition  to Advertisers, affiliates and visitors to Cisonet site, the other stakeholders are the the associates whose contact include the team which is recruited from those who with interest in the cacancies available at CisoNet.

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The opportunities and vacancies available to associates at CisoNet those at board or oversignt and those at the secretariate or management levels


The board at the apex is charged with making wise and prudent decisions because this can make or break the enterprise because the board decison commits the enterprise to a risk through the management


The board may have two layers the top that oversights by creating regulations and the executive which develops strtegies and policies which inform regulations


The secretariate or management is invloved in the day to day operations of the enterprise and provides recommendations that are well researched, analysed, stnadrdised and present the lest risk while maximizing on performance.


The Chairman of the board is the link to the members of the executive board headed by a chief executive director.


The managing director is member of the executive board and is supported by executive management members who are involved in keeping records of meetings and those providing a record of projects program


The uniqueness of the enterprise is derived from it purpose bus common resource services have which require executive managers have been identified and standardised for an enterprise such sustomer services which incllude care and coomunication, human resource which include onbording, team and welfare administration


The unique purpose for CisoNet is to support other enterprises with information and communication needs including management and trasformation to cloud computing.


In this respect therefore we have employment nend f , onboarding, may       regulations for designers, developers, marketer and operators include the following active vacancies for suitably qualified and self driven individuals


Chair Of Board (COB)

    • CEO

    • MD

    • MMM

    • PPM

  • EM : CisoNet Website Building & Construction 

    • MS : Profile & Social Media

    • MS : Associate Profile Information

    • MS : Service Delivery Affiliates

    • MS : Enterpse Partnership 

    • MS : Accessibility & Mobility ​

    • MS : Subscription & Payment

    • MS : Marketing & Advertising

    • MS : Operation  & Performance

  • EM : Enterprise Capital Affiliates

    • MS : Mobilization

    • MS : Earning

    • MS : Borrowing

    • MS : Investing

  • EM : Enterprise Admin Records

    • MS : Job Opportunity Profile

    • MS : Meeting Secretaries

    • MS : Portfolio Programming

    • MS : Partnership Profile Information

  • EM : Supply Affiliation Record

    • MS : Sourcing

    • MS : Distribution

    • MS : Logistics

    • MS : Facilitators

  • EM : Enterprise ICS Affiliates

    • MS : Interpretation

    • MS : Integration

    • EM : Platform

    • EM : Facility

  • EM : Onboarding Provision Service

    • :MS : Content Creation & Authoring

    •  MS : Content Generation & Production

    •  MS : Resource Person & Tutorial; Service

    •  MS : Onboarding & Event Organizaion

  • EM : Enterprise Resource Management

    • MS : Strategy

    • MS : TEAM

    • MS : Finance

    • MS : Facility

  • EM : Enterprise Record Applications

    • Job Opportunity Profile 

    • Meeting Records Management​

    • Project Portfolio Management

    • Enterprise Capital Register 

  • EM : Reigistration Applications​

    • MS : Associate Registration​

    • MS : Affilliate Registration

    • MS : Partnership Registration

    • MS : Participant Event

  • EM : Transaction Applications

    • MS : Subscription Payment

    • MS : Product Payment

    • MS : Money Trnsfer

    • MS : Loan System






Team Total

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