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Job; Employment; Vacancy & Work Associates
(Executive Manager : Project Manager : Planning Executive : Production Expert) 


In addition to the duties of the Board, CisoNet is looking to engage an effective TEAM of executive managers, project managers, planning executives and production experts to assist in transforming its information system to the cloud.

In doing so, CisoNet is providing opportunities in analysis, development, production and privision of facilities; product; systems and services that CisoNets needs in its mission to link industry


The executive managers who will be responsible to a Managing Director will be charged with the tasks of concieving and formulating relevant enterprise projects on strategy plan and development of an effective information and communication site or website and on planning for enterprise extended resource including funding, networking and accomodation iinfrastructure facility and also the enterprise operations activities such customer services, marketing services and welfare services.


In linking industry to education, CisoNet offers an oboarding program to transition those with post secondary education certificates and qualifications seamlessly to the industry and address the gap that learners experience when they are joining an industry that is growing competative every day leading to unemployment for those who do not take the challenge of readily available opportunities which demand creativity, innovation, imagination and self driven productivity.


The available opportunities include working in affiliation with Area node, Capital mobilizers, supply and distribution of products and also in providing advisory and consultation in construction of  appropriate facailities and also building enterprise applications solutions for processing the data and facts generated by the activities of enterprise into decision making information intelligency


Some of the project recommended by the respective executive managers include the following.


Executive Manager : Enterprise Strategy Plan

  1. Job Requrements & Specification 

  2. Enteprise Meeting Records

  3. Projects Portfolio Pragram

  4. Enterprist Strategy Plan Review

  5. AreaNode Affiliate Recruitment

  6. Funding Resource Mobilization 

  7. etc

Executive Manager : Information & Communication Site (Website) Building

  1. CisoNet Purpose Information

  2. CisoNet ​Collaboration Information

  3. Advertising Service

  4. Communication Operations

  5. Marketing Manager

  6. Payment & Transaction Manager

  7. Database Collection 

Program Manager :  Learner Onboarding

  1. Associate Recruitment  

  2. Onboarding Event Organization

  3. Content Delivery Manager

    1. Onboarding

    2. Review of Info. Comm System

    3. Review The Enterprise System

    4. ICS Orientation for Teachers

    5. Proposalsn & Funding Mobilization 

  4. Etc

Program Manager : Enterprise Resource Planning

  1. Finance : Executive Manager

  2. Welfare Executive : Executive 

  3. Facility : Executive Manager

  4. Investment : Executive Manager

  5. ccounting

  6. Revenue (Manager/Project)

  7. Payment (Project/Manager)

  8. Procurement (Project/Manager)

  9. Investment Mobilization (Project/Manager

  10. etc

Program Manager : Provision of Management Appplication

  1. Portfolio Management System

  2. Meeting Mangement System

  3. Onboarding Event Management

  4. Payment Transcation Mananagement 

  5. Associate Registration Management

  6. Affiliate Management System

  7. Team Management System

  8. Partnership Registration

  9. Transaction Management

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