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The CisoNet affiliates provoding integration services produce application systems for data collection and for processing the data into information for decision making. The affilaites also create applications for reteving and accessing the information from anywhere any time and with any device.


The affiliates will support you enterprise organization by  working closely with you to understand the needs of your organization through an interactive analytical interpretaion of the purpose of the enterprise.

The associates who support the enterprise as team members are contineously updating their experience through a cloud based on boarding program.


Economy Situation & Linking Industry To Education

  • Overview of The Information & Communication System

  • Review Enterprise Governance & Management Structure

  • Examine Evolving  Trends in Investment Trust Options

  • Evolution of the Information &Communication Network

  • Appreciate the Emerging Dogital Legdger Technology

  • Discuss the Employment Opportunity Proposal 

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