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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Explain Enterprise Solution Team, Opportunities, Processes & Productsncreasingly, many post secondary education qualified individuals are finding it difficulty to secure employment inspite of the huge potential and opportunity in the industry.The Community Information Service Outlet Nework (CisoNet) is dedicated to addressing this through its mission of Linking Industry To Education (LITEMISSION) and learning for a purpose, learning by doing, learning from an example and learning as you earn.

The opportunities include jobs and vacancies at CisoNet, and also its affiliates and partnership enterprises. As an information and communication technology company, CisoNet creates solutions that transform enterprises in the industry to cloud computing and emerging Web3 technologies, systems, products and services.

CisoNet has immediate jobs vacacies for projects and associated tasks on web page, blog post, e-mail and forum content creation including promotion material, informative articles, authoring of critical papers and also decison reporting news. This means therefore, your skills as copy writer, infographics and media production and website building wil be useful in decribing and profiling, design requirements documentation, technical specification and performance reporting. The vacancy projects include production of requirment statements and also definition, profiling, description, specification and performance reporting for systems, solutions and services for both prototype samples and final results.

This means you will not miss something to do and where you come short, we will ensure sustainability through onboarding, capacity building and funding empowerment. Thus those creative and innovative associates who are interested in formulation of projects and those who are interested in project execution and implementation management will definately be invited to contribute a wealth creation effort as a team (Transparent; Ethical Accountable Member) with following qualifications.

  • System Analyst : Including financial, engineering and social Systems

  • System Design : Standardisation, specification and Estimation

  • Application Building : Website, mobile and blog pages :

  • Content Creation : Copy Writers, Graphics Designer and Media production

  • Coding : Use software tools to create and customize applications

  • Recruitment : Marketing, Communication Event organization and Client Service.

  • Resource Persons : Onboarding and capacity building mentorship

When you join CisoNet as an associate, you are assigned a role in accordance with your background and experience after undergoing an onboarding and induction training which is . offered in affiliation with Areahubs and also institutes and colleges of higher learning before absorption to the team In addition to onboarding, team members continues to access capacity building events to ensure that they remains current and relevant in all aspect of enterprise management. The terms of employment for the team include the following

  • Direct Engagement : The enterprise has routine operation that are remunerated on a monthly contract. These include ommunications & customer service, enterprise administration and maintenance and also strategic management that formulates enterprise solution jobs and vacancies and also projects .

  • Consultancy Contracts : The enterprise requires professional support in development operations, advisory and systems implementation

  • Freelancing : These are members of the CisoNet Team who are given specific and special tasks for a given duration. :

  • Entrepreneurship : CisoNet provides funding and financing to creative and innovative resource persons who are collaborating with CisoNet to provide solutions and link industry to education.


The Information and Communication System (ICS) is perhaps the biggest driver of an enterprise besides capital. The success of an enterprise heavily depends on the record and quality of data it maintains, the information generated from the data, the way the information is managed to produce intellegence and how the intelligence is utilised to make informed decisions. CisoNet is creating job vacancies to realise an effective Information Communication System (ICS) consisting the following areas of opportunities.

CisoNet Cloud Solution
  • Facility : Provision of systems and networking equipment, provision of associated utility systems and accomodation space and supply of internet of things (IOT) devices

  • Hosting & Storage : The provision of computing and storage servers in collaboration with cloud service providers.

  • Development Software : Utilization of application and site building tools to customize solutions for the enterprise.

  • Enterprise Strategy : Analysis and understanding the needs of the enterprise and setting up a program of prioritised projects

  • Enterprise Purpose : The enterprise objectives and goals are of capacity builsing is also a source of vacancies and jobs.



The main purpose for establishing CisoNet is to assist the industry setup effective information and communication systems, provide the requisite solutions and support them with implementation and maintenance. In order to do this, CisoNet is recruiting associates with whom to achieve the said goals and objectives while addressing the apparent gap between industry and education through the huge supply of unemployed or underemployed youth.

It intents to utilise this pool of qualified individual to enhance and transform the enterprise information and communication system. The recruited team of associates are to produce the capacity building material in their area of specialization and provide leadership in providing training of trainers to the CisoNet affiliates. In addition, the onboarding will discuss the resource that an enterprise requires to operate optimally including people, products, processes and time. It will also discuss sustainability by examining transaction, consumption, production and the chain of decision making. In order to solidify the individual qualifications, the capacity building also discusses the producton cyle including research, development, implementation and maintenance. In addition, CisoNet reviews the economic policies, regualtions, logistics and politics to appreciate how they control the growth and the impact on the gap between industry and education while promoting the concept of project management as it relates to ownership responsibility in the following.

  • Capitalization : Those who have finance mobilization and management:

  • Strategy : Project development, programming and management

  • Administration : Business Management Enterprise Structure

  • Service : Content creation and presentation resource persons

  • Resourcing : Procurement and supply logistics

  • Distribution : Area outlet Services provision and managent

  • Marketing : Audience mobilization through cloud and digital services

  • Technology : Information and communication technolog and engineering


In order to fund and finance its activities, CisoNet is collaboaring with wealth creation bodies including youth enterprise funding, empowerment foundations, regional and national governments and also through revenue generation, investment earnings, prudent borrowing and mobilization of funding for public and private social and youth development programs.


The biggest need for information and communication services is at the community level in the rural and urban areas. CisoNet, through the Areahub, keeps close contacts and collaborates with the placement and career centers of the institutes and colleges of higher learning to onboard the youth and others who are or have completed their education and are entering the industry. The distribution outlet is responsible for warehousing and delivery of products to the consumer, collection of feedback development data and provision of commercial sales services and implemetation and maintenance backup to the community,


CisoNet is resourced through its qualified base of human resource, capital and financing affiliates, social funding partnerships and also manufacturers and supplier of facilitation accessories, equipment, systems and services. It is the view of CisoNet that directing the existing investment in human resource to the focused opportunities in the industry will play a major role in wealth creation while preserving the enviroment for the benefit of society today and in the future. The sky is therefore the limit for those who are looking for innovative, creative, challenging and impacting opportunities in the industry. When you join CisoNet, you will be assigned tasks and vacancies that inturn generate more opportunities to eddress the gaps in the industry and enterprise needs for research and reviews, design and development, implementation and operations and most importantly customer service and continued capacity building for a purpose, by doing, from an example and while earning.


Yes, we believe that there is something for you to do at CisoNet and all you need is to explore and be a part of it by registering and by giving your suggestions on how to make it better based on your background as a resource person, user experience marketing and promotion service provider, technology analyst for systems and applications development and as an engineering and facilities implementer and also your management, social and financial skills.

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