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The CisoNet Cloud Solution (CCS) is concieved from a belief that a new paradigm and strategy is required if all the trained and qualified human resources is to be deployed to a productive economy and industry. The strategy should enable these educated individuals lend their services to enterprises that need them. It should view these lenders as associates of the enterprise with a creditable ownership stake. Thus in addition to financial funding, the enterprise should view those who provide key services as lenders as well and also those who supply material. CisoNet is in addition providing a learning experience to Link Industry To education (LiteGate) provide funding (FundGate) supply (SuppGate) and recruit associates (PlaceGate) and induct its associates and affiliates to (CCSystem)  
In order to tackle the situation, we have devised a novel prototype of an inclusive solution based on a structured concept of nodes of a network which provides a constillation of partnership enterprise opportunities to address the big challenge. The solution organization starts with a resource mobilization and funding node which aims to make both the private and public sector funding team associates of other nodes designated as NetNode, CisoNode, IdeaNode and ProgNode to reflect role of the enterprises in the CisoNet Cloud Solution.  
The main attributes of a node, thus, are a statement of the problem, a proposal of the problem solution, identification of affiliated CisoNodes in providing the solution and also onboarding enterprise associates who form the team to program the opportunities and manage the process of producing the solution. This symmetry, in our view, accelerates an induction to industry, focus the team associates to specific objectives, helps the associates in relating their background to the problem at hand and most importantantly it ensures a transparent contribution and reward for work done.
We welcome you to be part of this evolving concept!      

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