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Overview and look at the role of capitalization for an enterprise.
The enterprise requires money or capital for its proper operations. Its money could be in the form of trusted centralised regulated authority such as goods and services, reserve resources and Fiat Currency or it could be in form of untrusted and unregulated immerging decentralise authority as in NFT and crypto currency. All the same money  is an enabler of transaction between two paties or entities. The enerprise can mobilize and raise funds, earn return on investments and recieve revenue income. The recieved capital isturn utilised pay out for items, products systems, and solutions offered to the enterprise in return for growth, stability and sustainablity.
Funding Mobilization for empowerment of post secondary education graduates. 
Mobilization is the capital from trusts, foundations, ustomer social responsibility and government. This is usully the income which is giffted to stimulate the economy and support the welfare of sciety.This can bein the form of sponzorship to those who are particiating in for example onboarding 
Accessing and Raising Funding for youth entrepreneuership
This  is usualy the capital which the enterprise may required but paid back inclusive of interest to lenders, share order investors, supplyi creditors and any other form of a loan
Increasing Enterprise  Capital through Venture and Investment earnings
This is the capital from returns on investment in security deposits, veture partnerships, crypto currency and gamingearning. Investment earning is useful in cases where the incoming capital exceeds the expenditure. 

Marketing and sales Revenue a source of enterprise capital
The enterprise should as much as possible relay of income revenues from its products and services including revenues from sales of items or goods, revenues of subscription to services such as training, revenues from provision of advisory such as consultancy, revenues of representation such as affilite and supply logistics and revenues from advertising for organic traffic, affiliate adverts, sales contract advert and paid regular displays.

Employment Opportunity

The capitalization activity, therefore, is a source of jobs for those who are  able to prepare the requisite capital sourcing proposal documents 

Money the grease that makes economy move.


Money is the enabler of transaction between two parties or entities. Understanding how it works is important to an enterprise. For example if one party agrees to offer services on account of return from the produce, then that is money because work is dono.Thus in agrowing economy where educational capacity exceeds the cash money in the economy,then  there should be room for an agreement to deliver a service in anticipation for future returns. This therefore this capacity resource shall not go to waste on account of earning a huge salary whose returns will only endup as deposit in the bank or investment in unwarented luxury.

Who should Control the Reserve Currency


This dictated by the party that resources that another party wants and  which must be transacted in the currency designated by the holding party. On the other had theholder of the resource should take cognance of the fact that goods for example were produced tobe traded. Thus the reserve currency is double edged sword and needs to negotiated holistically. The enterprise should therefore take this into considerationinits operations


Reserve Resources


Reserve resources such as gold and other precious metals and minerals and also petrol and other energy generating minerals are just as important as currency for transactions.       for the puposes of funding, investment, payables, recievables sending and recieving and also transfering.


Goods and Services


The productivity of an and its ability to exploit the naturalresources to make good and services associate who is recruited as team member of the financial system will be involved in the development, building,


Decentralised Currency


implementation and, utilization of the system for not only CisoNet but also its affiliates and partnership enterprises to ensure both trusted and trustless secure efficient and effective transactions

Centralise Fiat Currency


Fiat currency whether inform of printed money, credit cards, digial transfer and any form which regulated by government and whose  flow tightly monitored by government is fiat currency because it dictated by an act under the disguise of the size and productivity of laws of the economy.  An enterprise should be keenly interested in the decision that create fiat money to ensure its own survival.

Employment Opportunity


The enterprise requires experts in understnding the flow of money and such the industry has job and employment opportunity for those can offer this capitalization opportunity.

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