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The Job Decription of the CisoNet TEAM (Transparent Ethical Accountable Management) in addition to the board includes the managing director who is incharge of the risks that the enterprise takes and recomments the the projects to the CEO who makes prudent decisions on the recommendations of the managing director. decisioexcetive manager (EM) who  tho
CisoNet has conceptualized the Cloud Solution to bring to bear the need to collaborate with affiliates and partners creativelly and innovatively to craete both direct and opportunity employment. The main purpose for CisoNet is to onboard, recruit, empower and establish a passionate team of individuals to build the cloud solution that will propel its partners to productivity and efficiency and enable the impact humanity and environment positively.

To this end, therefore, CisoNet is producing a course in which to collaborate with the placement and attachment office of colleges and institutions of higher learning for use in linking industry to education. The course is called "Digital Skills For Enterprise Cloud Solution" to signify that the participants will be posted to support the enterprises in all sectors to assist them with their need to transform to the cloud. Therefore there is immediate opportunity for those individual to create, generate and enhance the learning content for use in onboarding the associates and affiliates to offer services in proposal writing, resource persons, marketing and content creation.

In addition, CisoNet is recruiting indivividual to support in the enhancement of the CisoNet Cloud Solution platform through improvement of technology, capacity building, mobilization of resources such as funding and provision of support to its affillites in the development, design, supply and implementation of beffiting Enterprise Cloud Solution Management.   

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