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ENTERPRISE SOLUTION : Control Meeting Decision with Project; Task & Transaction Programs

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


Many Post Secondary Education Qualified individual are unable to land a job in the current dispensation inspite of the huge opportunity in the industry. The CisoNet TEAM whose mission is to link industry to education (LITEMISSION) is collaboarating with contributing assoiates and affiliates to make enterprise employment vacancies available to you from anywhere and any time.

The vacancies are drawn from the activities of the Enterprise which include audience accesibility through website, blog posts presence in social media and mobile phone application both generic and native applications. The other activities are those involving capitalization of the enterprise comprising revenues generation from the enterprise services, earnings from the enterprise investments, financial mobilization through funds managers and borrowing when necessary to meet the enterprise bridging needs.The vacancies are conceived from the enterprise project activities involving selection of solutions from market templates and appplications and also customization and development of native applications to meet the solution and service needs and requirments of the enterprise.

In addressing these needs we appreciate that many vacancies are created for collection of data, processing the data into information, managing the information into inteligence and utilising the intelligence to make decisions. This process requires operators who create content and collect the data, analyst who process the data into desigs, specifications and models and other standrdization activities, managers whose main purpose is assesment and recommedation of riskless solutions and and directors who must prudendly commit and risk the resources of the enterprise. This cycle is applicable for enterprise differing only on the purpose. This way we are creating not only tasks and cacancies for those post secondary education qualifications but also opportunities for freelancers and entreprenuers in the industry.

Queing for Employment and Jobs

We have these immediate enterprise project tasks which which can be used as basis of growing your career involving preparation of profiles for the vacanies available for CisoNet as an enterprise, identfication and description of the systems, projects and activities that are related to CisoNet purpose and strategy and yet others involve the production of articless and content to create awareness in the industry.

The vacanies include those that are involved in dissemination of information to the public audience and those who involved in provision of services to its clients and customers and others vacancies involve design of service databases and development of the associated applications. .

The vacancies are open to entreprenuers who are looking for a readility opportunity, specialist freelancers, inviduals who are interested in wage contracts and those that are looking for regular employment.

Those who join CisoNet as associates or members will be taken through an onboarding exercise as a way of bringing them to the same page and showing them how to apply their knowledge and esperience into the industry.

CisoNews as the information dissemination arm will continue to help you find opportunities not only within CisoNet itself but also its affiliates and partners in the industry. Intially, CisoNet is addressing the information and communication needs in the learning and education sector including early child, primary and secondary schools and also colleges and institutes of higher learning and also capacity building in industry. This sector is wide open for transformation to cloud computing and the emerging blockchain technology and as the saying goes, the sky is only limited by your imagination, the way you think, how you say what you see and most importantly whether you are ready to deploy your hard won experience for your benefit and that ofother. WELCOME to CisoNet, the Community Information Service Outlet Network which is reference on the four shades of though concept.

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