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Venture Capitalization:

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The capitalization bulletin is the source of information for understanding the financial needs in the country its sources and how it is created. It is a guide for CisoNet Associates and assists in mobilizing and raising capital for funding including support for those who join for onboarding or need additional capacity building to make them more effiecient and effective at what they do.

Enterprise Capitalization

Capitalization includes mobilized from the government, funding investors and from economic plans. It is also accessed from lenders including banks and financial institutions and other sources are drown from the its inestments in ventures, stocks trading, in cryp currency and even from gaming and gambling.

Money Power Creation

The Bulletin is a repository of facts, information, intelligence and decisions on trends and forecasts of employment situation in the country and world at large. The butletin is also asource of jobs and vacancies for onboarding and capacity content creators generators. The capitalization content will assist the team and associated stakeholders appreciate how money is created and its role in socio-economic control and use in enabling efficience and effective transactions.

Personal Earnings

Eventualy, Money is created as a way of enabling transaction between to parties. An individual can be one of the parties whose money is called personal earnings from their productivity, quality of their products, quantity of thier produce and commendable work ethics. The next decision the earner makes is what to do with their earning, do they retain some cash or the paper or coins that are printed or minted by government or do they accept big taxation for sake of public good, or do they trust the banks to keep it in save custody on their behalf or do they trust the promises for imaginery multiplication through crypt currency

You can join us as an associate and produce CAPITALIZATION Aricles and earn as you learn and identify a job employment vacancy within CisoNet or within its affiliated partnerships


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