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The main goal of CisoNet is to link industry to education by recruiting associates through an onboarding program in such a way so as to bring them to the same page on which we can build solutions for the learning needs the educational sector.

This involves creating learning content based on the capitalization, interpretation cept During on boarding several price options are to be provided. These include free, one time, duration bound and recuring. The prices are aimed at compesation for the products and services provided by the enterprise

In addition to payment, GisoGram provides financial analysis of the transcations as well as performance, taxation and impact analysis

CisoGram also collaboarates with sector enterprises that provide  transcation services including pont of sale, card, mobile internet banking and in addit te 


Elements of Gap Between Education & Industry

Gap or Disconnect

  • Education : Academia; Technical; Capacity Building

  • Innovation : Skill; Time; Seed : Opportunity

  • Industry : Planning; Production; Trading

Enterprise Governance & Management

  • Trust : Leadership

  • Solution : Business

  • Information : Decision

  • Product : Quality

  • Effort : Effectiveness

Evolution of Transaction Technology

  • Cash & Check Finance (CaFi)

  • Plastic Card Finance (PcFi)

  • Centralised Digital Finance (CdFi)

  • Decentralised Crypto Currency Finance (DeFi)

Capital Investment

  • Business

  • Banking

  • Venture Capital Managers

  • Capital Exchange Managers

  • Lottery & Crypto Currency

Platform Opportunity

  • Solution Provider

  • User Device Supplier

  • Customer Premises Supplier

  • Service Provider

  • Network Operator

  • Storage Hosting

Transformation Process

  • Collaboration : Associate : Affiliate & Partnership

  • Opportnuty : Development : Production : Service & Use

  • Empowerment : Funding : Training; Advisory; Support; 

  • Oboarding : Time; Trust; Effort; Information; Product

  • Industry : Planning; Production; Trading

  • Recruit : Register : Subscribe : Participate : Posting

Evolution of Cloud Platform Technology

  • Services (Automation, ISDN, VPN, CIN, DIN)

  • Media (Wireline, Wireless, Semi Conductor, Optical)

  • Device (Valve, Discrete, Integrated, OPtical

  •  NetNodes : User, Premises, Provider, Operator, Hosting



CisoNet Service Nodes

  • Enterprise : Campus System

  • Development : Personal Computer

  • Production : On premises Server

  • CisoNode : Information Hub & Warehousing 

  • User : Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop

Emerging CisoNode Facility Technology

  • Material :Nano

  • Energy : Renewable

  • Method : 3D Printing

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