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DISSEMINATION & MARKETING : Reach Audience, Customers & Consumers with Chatbot & Digital Channels.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) report of 9th June 2022, unemployment is at an alarming rate such that the government is now promoting what is called an hustler fund for graduates with post secondary education qualification from institutes of higher learning including commercial, vocational and technology colleges (TVETS) as well as academia and technical universities. This is despite the overwhelming opportunities in industry for innovative, creative, focused and passionate individuals in the information and communication technology, finance, agriculture, infrastructure and service sectors.

Specifically, the Community Information Service Outlet Network (CisoNet) has VACANCIES. for those who are looking for growth oriented and challenging career jobs and employment opportunities and will work with you to fill the industry gap where you may fall short. CisoNet is, itself, a systems and application development enterprise working in collaboration with affiliates to support partnership especially, in areas of learning and education. The collaboration onboards and provides capacity building and empowerment to ensure a smooth transformation to cloud computing, web3 block chain technology and information mangement services. The available jobs within CisoNet, affilates and partners involve customer service, system and solution implementation, development and design using the concept of project progamming, project management and task provision through trusted and untrusted financial transcational channels including manual, card, digital and crypto currency. Thus, you will have the opportunity to put your writing, graphics, analysis, coding as well as data collecting, data processing, information management and decision making skills to work as demanded by the industry and economy.

​builds systems and applications to address the information and communication needs of its partners. This means, therefore, your skills in content writing and creation, sales and marketing, financing and funding mobilization and also as a training resource person will remain relevant as the demand is huge not only from within CisoNet and affiliates but also its partnership enterprises.

CisoNet is on a mission to link industry to education (LITEMISSION) and is committing resources to achieve this for you as well as society at large. In doing this, CisoNet is inviting you to apply from these employment and also chat with us at or drop us an email at When you become a team member will continue to receive free capacity training to ensure you keep up technological as well as economic trends through seminar, webibers and discussion forums.

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