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Expected Outcome


The Participants will be able To:

  • Appreciate the need to close the gap between education & Industry

  • Overview Trends & Relate the crital components constituting an information and communication system

  • Indentify The Role experience and background in the management of and Enterprise Information & Communication

  • Preview the CisoNet System Structure and the resultant entreprenuership & employment opportunities

  • Examine the sources and sustainability of Earnings proposed through the CisoNet Operating Concept   

  • Discuss the various types of contracts and agreements between CisoNet teams, Associates, Affiliates & Partners

  • In the Management of an Enterpriseof e

Free Webiner Event

Sept 10, 2022

Theme :

Linking Industry To Education

Purpose :
Recruitment of CisoNet Team, Associates and Affiliate Members

Topic :
Overview  The CisoNet Entrepreneurship Concept and Associate Employment Opportunity in the information & Communication Sector

Those with Post Secondary Education Expossure and a Certificates, Diploma or degree in their chosen area of interest

Facility Venue

  • Private Office : Those with access to personal devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptos tops and personal Computers 

  • Community ICT Centers : The government and other social service providers have setup non goverhas 

  • Commercial Cyber Outlets : Cyber cafes and other Practicall

  • Institutional ICT Labs : Schools and Colleges are continuously introducing ICT labs for use accessing

  • AreaNode : CisoNet is setting up ICT CisoNodes at the village and ward level  to support the accessibility


Topic Content

Resource  Persons



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Resource Person(s)


Matei M Ndeti;

  • Reflection : Matei Thinks of himself as an interpreter who listens to the surrounding situation to appreciate and decipher the needs within and use the available tools to produce solutions that transform and impact others and benefit society at large      decipher the needs

  • Background : As an Electrical Engineer,  Matei has an expansive experience in telecommunications and competence in information and communication technology

  • Accolades :  Matei rose to the rank of projects programming managers and has been a director in various public bodies and has also published academic and management paper 


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