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Expected Outcome


The Participants will be able To:

  • Appreciate the need to close the gap between education & Industry

  • Overview Trends & Relate the crital components constituting an information and communication system

  • Indentify The Role experience and background in the management of and Enterprise Information & Communication

  • Preview the CisoNet System Structure and the resultant entreprenuership & employment opportunities

  • Examine the sources and sustainability of Earnings proposed through the CisoNet Operating Concept   

  • Discuss the various types of contracts and agreements between CisoNet teams, Associates, Affiliates & Partners

  • In the Management of an Enterpriseof e

Resource Person(s)


Matei M Ndeti;

  • Reflection : Matei Thinks of himself as an interpreter of the surrounding situation and environment. He is a decipher of needs and knowledge and likes to use the available tools to produce solutions that transform and impact others and benefit society at large.

  • Background : As an Electrical Engineer,  Matei has an expansive experience in telecommunications and competence in information and communication technology

  • Accolades : Matei rose to enterprise executive and program director ranks in various public bodies and has also published academic papers and industrial documents.

Remote Learning Webinar Events

Date XXXXX, 2024

Theme :
Linking Industry To Education

Purpose :
Recruitment of CisoNet Team, Associates and Affiliate Members

Topic :
Overview  The CisoNet Entrepreneurship Concept and Associate Employment Opportunity in the information & Communication Sector

Those with Post Secondary Education Qualifications (Certificates, Diploma or degree) in their chosen area of interest

Facility Venue

  • Private Office : Those with access to personal devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and personal Computers 

  • Community ICT Centers : The government and other social service providers

  • NGO : Collaboration with other capaicty building and empowerment Non governmental organizations 

  • Commercial Cyber hubs : Cyber cafes and other outlets.

  • Institutional ICT Labs : Schools and Colleges are continuously introducing ICT labs and industrial practical subjects.

  • AreaNode : CisoNet is setting up ICT CisoNodes at the village and ward level to reach clients at the community




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