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CisoNet is providing investment opportunity lenders, those who want to shares in a profitable investment, donors who wish to support learners and those who are looking stable long term bond investment. Thus CisoNet in partnership with its Enterprise Cloud Investment Management Solution (ECIMS) mobilizes financial resources from individuals, community groups, institutions such as pension fund and public private partnership. The investor or shareholder will be able to access their management records for example InvestShare a LinkGroup, Profile,   SRKenya time 

Group Investment ExchangeThe CisoNet Cloud Solution is an information and communication platform for partnership enterprise. The solution sees an enterprise as consisting of programs from which peojects are extracted for management and associates who define the projects as well produce products and services for the enterprise. The recruited associates are assigned an enterprise to support its information and communication system. The projects programming associate is responsible for the project which keeps a pioritized record of all projects that have been identified to address the purpose for which the enterprise was by the control board and and stratgy and risk executive management. The induction training will prepare the associates for further capacity building to contribute in resource mobilization, technology enhancement, system provisioning and operations and maintenance. Specifically, the induction training involves enhancing the relevant material, recruiting facilitation outlets such as colllege placement offices, recruitment of resource persons and organizing on site capacity building events.In addition, CisoNet is looking for funding partners to facilitate the recruited associates. The funding comes inform of donation to qualified learners, equity participation in their enterprises, venture capital paricipation and funding from government and development partners. The aim is to give the graduating learners an opportunity to evaluate our approach on how we are transitioning them to industry and a chance for them to assess how they fit into the program in relation to their background. The induction training also acts as mentorship program in motivationg learners to embrace entreprenuership and innovation as an alternative way to direct employment. In general the training discuses the technology of an information and communication system, the opportunities and the various ways of funding an entrepreurship  in the information and communication sector it also specifically reviews the CisoNet Cloud Solution and the avaialble opportuty as well as the enabling regulatory act and how it influences the growth of ICT sector Those learners who show commitment are provided a computer at an inerest free low cost computer to facilitate and empower them join the industry with additional confidence and power to creatively not only contribute to the ICT sector but to do it with fair return sometimesbetter than direct employmentThe learner who qualify then become associates of the CisoNet Cloud Soltion with all accruing benefits of providing ICT support to the the enterprise nodes of the network. ASSOCIATESHIPService Providers : Many of the recruited associates have the capacity to carry out outstanding projects but remain without employment because the prospective enterprises do not qualify for financing and access to credit from banks or other financial financial institutions. The associates can extend credit to these enterprises through work done especially wherethe work is software related which requires little investment. The service provider include those who assit in capacity building, resource mobilization, technology enhancement and operations project mangement Borrowing : Some of the associates are taking a risk to borrow as they create solutions that perform common services in the enterprises. In an econony where the interest rates are condussive, these associates in partnership with CisoNet are accesrating the uptake of information and communications technology and thus increase productivity in the economy  Equity Investors : Many groups in the economy save enermous amount of money with expectation that one day, they will find a viable project to apply their savings. Unfortunately that day does not seem come and when it comes, the project may not be viable. CisoNet is encouraging these group to invest in equity to set CisoNodes within their community and be part of the diruptive change that is making the ICT sector the fast growing one especially when the world becomes a digital village with the introduction of global satellites. VentureCapital : The recruited associates who are able to show commitment to the opportunity provided in the CisoNet Cloud Solution platform qualify for venture capital because the return on investment of the chosen opportunityImpact Funding : These associates are ussully supported though Government and development partner resources. They require easier access to these funds to make a difference and ensure that the only achieved that these groups make is that winning a funding drive in their lifetime.  Donations : Some of our associates are phyically challenged or otherwise challenged and may require financial support to their assignment particularly where the assignment are contract basis and payment is done on delivery. Your donation to this group of associates will go a long way in giving the opportunity to stand on their own.

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