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An examination of industry reviews of past few years show that the levels of unemployment for qualified post secondary education individuals keeps on growing despite the huge opportunity available in the industry in both public and private sectors. CisoNet is on a mission to bring these individuals on board and to empower them not only to access gainful employment but also to make a mark in the creation of wealth and conservation of environment. The onboarding emphasizes on imaginations for good ideas, thinking though them, documenting and keeping accurate interpretation, integration, provision and supply records before production and effective implementation. Thus the onboarding encourages participants to apply the decision science to transform what they learned in school to real situations in industry and to avoid falling prey to the easy and subsistence ways of imagining an idea and rushing to its implementation without thinking it through and properly recording it.


Those with a self drive and looking for rewarding and career challenging engagement, will join us at CisoNet through the many available channels including mobile groups, social media, onboarding forums, blog pages and referral networks. There are many jobs and vacancies that are created to close the unemployment gap in the transformation to industry. For example, recruitment is itself an opportunity for those with knack for communication and mobilization.


The need for relevant and effective material for linking learners to the industry is crucial. The creation of wealth is a function of how well we interprete the real needs within our environment even before utilizing integration tools that we learn. Thus onboarding itself has opportunities for content creation and generation and also resource person facilitators. Content is the basis for decision making on understnding the status of the industry, mobilization of capital, explaination of enterprise structure and a review of the ICSystem and decision science


The recruitment and subsquent onboarding will enable the CisoNet provide capitalization resources such as access to affordable facilities and devices, funding from both public and private sector and sharing of earnings generated through the CisoNet affiliate network. Empowerment initself is an opportunity for those with a knack for fundraising and capital mobilization using CisoNet as an employment creation platform.


The active empolyment opportunity at CisoNet include development of AreaNode network, creation content for use in onboarding associates and informing  the general audience, utilization of the acquired capacity and ability to produces new systems and solutions through the concept of decision science comprising enterprise programming, project management, task execution and transaction operations.


The effective execution of an idea requires resources including time, money, materials and processes. Capital can generally be generated by transactions in products and services, from promises of imparting intellect and knowledge, by addressing ones emotional needs and by disposal of ones properties and natural resources. This in other words means in order to link industry to education we need to transform and adopt the best practice in realizing our innovative and creative ideas.


In conceptualizing an idea, we need  to subject them to processes of decision mking by thinking and testing them againest the standardised norms and experience. These norms include appreciate theneed for data collection, processing the data into information, managing the information into intelligence and using the intelligence to make an informed decision. If this can be achieved during onboarding. then it can be said the processes linking education to industry is on course with job opportunities           

The main purpose for which the information and communication system is formulated  is on the most part to create and a record the data, information, intelligence and decisions that are made on production and exploitation resources for the benefit humanity and conservation of the environment. This therefore exemplifies the important role theproduction of accurate content plays and opportunities that come along as we strive to create wealth


There is a tendency to overlook the role and importance of record keeping by extension the information system when implementing the activities of an enterprise. There is an inclination to dwelve right  into production especially for those who think in a subsistence way or those who rush, for example, to build without adquate documentation. One of the essential 


Applications Development




Project Management

Site Builder

Mission Letters


  • Interpretation

  • Integration

  • Provision

  • Facility



  • Build Hosting Node (BHN) 

  • ​Decision Support Service (DSS)

  • Business Operation Support Service (BOSS)

  • Data Center


  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Managing Director

    • Finance & Accounting (CFO)

    • Product & Services (CPO)

    • Legal Secretary (CLO)

    • Information Technology (CIO)


  • Manufacturing

    • Data Collection Devices​

    • Networking Equipment

    • Computing & Storage Server

    • Power Bank Batteries

  • Suppliers

    • Financing​

    • Technical Services

    • Distribution

    • Consultants

  • Affiliates

    • Youth Hubs​

    • Cyber Hubs

    • CisoNodes

    • Entrepreneurship Hubs

  • Client

    • Health & Agriculture​

    • Housing & Infrastructure

    • Learning & Entertainment

    • Security & Finance

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